You Don’t like House? But you’re black

So this came to me over an extended period of time, writing itself in my mind now just being vomited onto this blog for your reading pleasure (hopefully it’s a pleasure)…………………………………………………………………………………………………………
First things first this has nothing to do with racism so sit down ya’ll that were anticipating some rant on how white man is bringing down another fine(Yes I said it Im fine ) chocolate(That was brought on by a craving) brother such as myself. No this has more to do with man’s fear of all things different. ………………………………………………………………………………………
So let me get going on man’s fear (by man I mean human not penis wielding human, woman are also included shout out to the feminists). Anyway let me continue. A while back a long while like a few years back an acquaintance of mine and I were making random chit chatter the way all acquaintances do when they find themselves in a position of uncomfortable acquaintancing (totally made that up) in the absence of the friends that link them (will explain that fully in my next entry) .So said friend for the moment got all hyped up about some new house song that was apparently all the rage at the moment and he even asked me whether I’ve heard it, I proceeded by saying no I haven’t and I dislike 90 percent of house that I come across. The face he made was the face I picture most human beings when they come across an alien but they know it doesn’t pose a threat or in simple English his face simply said dafuq?

I then attempted to demystify the poor chap but he stopped me before I started and he said What do you mean you don’t like house? You are black (ding ding now we know why he is an acquaintance at best). I was curious what does my chocolate skin (craving is still there sigh) have to do with anything so naturally I asked him. And he went on and on about how we (Chocolate people) HAVE our music and the White people have their music, sorry Brown people you were not included in the convo. So JA at the end I found myself being called a coconut (Apparently that’s shameful) because he uncovered a list of other things that weren’t “Black”. I found his argument comedic and a source of good entertainment but as it turns out, many people gave me that “coconut” speech over the years and I found it to be a compliment because it meant many things for myself but ultimately it meant I was what man feared, I was different and proud.

What I found a tad bit strange was that things such as being into reading was apparently a “white” thing, watching a movie for dialogue wasn’t something for us blacks (whoop I got some chocolate from my sister craving gone) and of course the music I enjoyed was definitely not “black” . To begin with I felt sorry for the boy because that kind of repressed thinking and restrained outlook on life really only allows one to see the world with half an eye open through the wrong end of binoculars so basically he doesn’t even get the tip of the iceberg. But ja I don’t question these experts on blackitude they are quite clearly well versed on the matter and I am not in the business of bursting bubbles.

Yes I might be a “coconut” but it just tells me that I have an unspoilt attitude towards life, yes ever since I could remember I’ve been told the world is your playground and I want to experience every damn aspect of this playground, some I might not like some I will be crazy about but I know just because my people have been use to the swings doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try out the damn see-saw. Don’t be afraid to be different, you might just enjoy it. indjjex
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